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Lets Skype it, shall we Dr. ?

In a small but telling sign of things to come, and the increasing acceptability of ed tech in the hallowed portals of academia, the prestigious Delhi University recently decided to henceforth allow Ph.D candidates to appear for their viva via – SKYPE!
The news item in the Hindustan Times published 3rd of August 2015 was titled ‘Viva via Skype for DU’s PhD students’.
This small move shows that even the legacy institutions are slowly but surely adopting technology as a ways to reduce the needless hoop-jumping associated with education.
Congratulations DU, and welcome to the new way of education – our way!



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Explaining online exams

For Universities and Institutions around the world, its always been a challenge maintaining academic integrity when it comes to evaluating and examining hundreds and thousands of students enrolled in continuing education or distance education programs throughout the country, even overseas. But, with the advent of broadband internet, the omnipresent camera in todays devices, and online video technology, educational technology platforms like u18 have found a way to allow students from the farthest corners of the World to literally ‘appear’ for their course exams without moving from their offices or homes!

The Online – Web – Proctored – Examination System, or OWPES as U18 calls it, allows partner universities on the u18 platform to conduct exams delivered to students desktops anywhere in the world, with a proctoring team at u18 monitoring the examination via live video from the students end for the entire duration of the program, ensuring that no student takes liberties with the process. The entire session is also recorded, as is the screen activities, which are also monitored simultaneously. The proctoring team is well trained in invigilations, and can pickup tell tale signs of a student trying to cheat off a sheet of paper or a hidden book , and are authorized and equipped to shut down such exams immediately.

University officials have access to archives of proctoring session videos and transcripts for as much as upto 7 years, and can investigate any exam at any time, making this a much more secure examination system as compared to the traditional brick and mortar – pen paper exams conducted, where there are no recordings or video to validate later.

The technology platform has allowed Universities such as the Assam Don Bosco University, of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the University of Mysore, one of India;s oldest universities, to evaluate students from far corners of the world, while maintaining academic standards and due process.

This great new platform from u18 also allows students who has so far little or no access to courses and programs at these great universities now can enrol from anywhere in the world!

Why should one enroll for an Online Degree Program

A majority of prospective candidates polled select ‘to increase my knowledge’ as the topmost reason for enrolling into a U18 online degree program. A close second is the desire to acquire higher qualifications.

Career Advancement is third, albeit by a slim margin. The application of skills to their careers / profession ranks lowest by a wide margin.

If you were taking this survey, how would you rank your priorities? Take one now, by clicking here 

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