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Getting the App

U18 Apps are available for students to download free of cost online at the Goolge Play Store for Android Devices. Click on the links listed below using your Mobile or Tablet Device to download the Apps.


U18 on your Mobile!

Apps that bring your University Course to your Mobile device

The U18 Suite of Apps for Android Mobile Platform allow you to access your course content on the go, from anywhere! Classroom Lectures, Course Text, Important Notifications and your Grade Card are all accessible in a touch and a swipe.

Now a car ride, time at the airport waiting for your next flight, or a day at the cafe can turn into your own personal learning session!

Universities Without Borders

U18’s Online Education Platform enables students from over 134 Countries across the World to access affordable, high quality University education, without having to leave their jobs and homes.

Getting your University Online with U18

We partner with Universities to build and deliver some of the best Online University Programs. Our platform provides a comprehensive fusion of technology, services and content to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, and we’d be happy to work with you to get your University Online.

Online Education

Our complete Platform-As-A-Service for Online Education.

Distance Education

Our complete Platform-As-A-Service for Distance Education.

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