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Online Degree Courses from India's Largest Universities.

U18 was started with a simple idea - to put Indian Universities and Classrooms on the World Wide Web.
Today, students across 6 Continents stand testimony to that idea.


Affordable, Accessible University Education

As far back as history remembers, India was regarded as a destination for those who sought knowledge and an education. Kings and Commoners alike travelled from far and wide to seek training and knowledge from our Gurukuls and Mega Universities, in areas as diverse as Mathematics, Astrology, Governance, Military Strategy, Diplomacy, Agriculture. India is rightly credited for many of the world's discoveries, and theories and concepts first voiced here now form the basis of what we know as Modern Knowledge

Universities and Institutions in India continue to serve millions of Indian and International Students at one of the lowest cost structures in the World. Students from across the Indian Sub Continent, Africa,the Middle East, in fact from all corners of the World, travel to India to study in its Universities.

U18 - Indian Universities, Online and Global

U18 began with the intent of putting Indian Universities Online, for students across India. Launched in 2009 under the banner of 'University18', within a year U18's programs started receiving applications from places as far off as Vietnam and Cameroon.
Today programs on the U18 Platform have thousands of students across the World, with presence in 6 Continents.


Online Education

With Online Classrooms, Assessment and Content , U18 ensures that you are never far from your goal of completing your Degree Program

Access 24 x 7

A Virtual infrastructure that is functioning 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, at your fingertips.

Worldwide Alumni Network

Our learners span corporations and companies across 6 Continents. A Global Alumni Network provides unparalleled networking opportunities to our Students and Graduates!

Partnering for Growth

U18 Partners with some of the largest Universities and Institutions across India, enabling them to conduct their programs Online, reaching out to an audience that spans every region and continent of the World. We're proud to have had the opportunity to work with both Government Universities as well as State Private Universities, Institutes of National Importance such as the Indian Institute of Management , Shillong, and Corporates based out of India and Abroad.

Some of our Partners

  • Assam Don Bosco University
  • University of Mysore
  • Canara HSBC
  • Karnataka State Open University
  • Government of Sri Lanka
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uNext : The Online Education Technology Platform for the Future, Now!



The uNext Online Education Platform provides Institutions instant access to both the technology and content, making it an appropriate choice for Institutions looking to add Online Education Programs to their portfolio of educational offerings.

The Platform - As - A - Service model ensures access to all required components , right from Online Application to Assessment Services, as well as a suite of Mobile Apps, suited for Android Mobiles and Tablet Devices.

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Universities Without Borders

U18’s Online Education Platform enables students from over 134 Countries across the World to access affordable, high quality University education, without having to leave their jobs and homes.

Getting your University Online with U18

We partner with Universities to build and deliver some of the best Online University Programs. Our platform provides a comprehensive fusion of technology, services and content to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, and we’d be happy to work with you to get your University Online.

Online Education

Our complete Platform-As-A-Service for Online Education.

Distance Education

Our complete Platform-As-A-Service for Distance Education.

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