Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission

U18's mission is to help our Learners across the World in their quest to further their education, helping them fulfil their true potential & realise their ambitions.

We'll work tirelessly, side by side with our Learners & University Partners to ensure that we do our best to bring each one our learners closer to their goals, their dreams.


Universities Without Borders

U18’s Online Education Platform enables students from over 134 Countries across the World to access affordable, high quality University education, without having to leave their jobs and homes.

Getting your University Online with U18

We partner with Universities to build and deliver some of the best Online University Programs. Our platform provides a comprehensive fusion of technology, services and content to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, and we’d be happy to work with you to get your University Online.

Online Education

Our complete Platform-As-A-Service for Online Education.

Distance Education

Our complete Platform-As-A-Service for Distance Education.

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